Research into sucessful communities of practice by Emily Webber, following on from her book

Book review #1

“A comprehensive introduction to the issues worth considering when setting up, growing and maintaining a community of practice in an organisation. Emily provides the theory and many practical examples from her own extensive experience.

I enjoyed the focus on learning and ways to retain knowledge within an organisation. Explicit knowledge is covered, but I appreciated the focus on implicit knowledge (which often gets forgotten in many organisations).

A good book to read for all, whether you’re part of a community, a seasoned community leader or someone new to the role. It’s also good for people in roles (like operations or finance) that support communities from the outside. It’s a quick read and will give a lot of context.

I found the text engaging and I actively questioned many parts. That’s good, because it helped me think about how this might apply in my context. In fact, Emily encourages the reader to define their own organisational and user needs for a community. There’s enough explanation to know when to stick to the rules, but also when to break them for your own circumstances.”


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